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Nantucket is known for its picturesque coastal beauty, but with that comes the potential for unique storm events and property damage.

Nantucket, with an average elevation of only 30 feet above sea level, is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes, nor'easters, and other coastal storms, with powerful winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding. These storms can cause significant damage to homes and buildings on the island, including roof damage, storm surges, water intrusion, and foundation damage. Heavy snowfall and high winds on Nantucket often cause power outages, leading to freezing pipes and damage to buildings. 

Most homeowners and business owners on Nantucket are well aware these potential problems, and have already taken proactive steps to protect their properties. This can include ensuring proper drainage around the property, installing storm shutters or impact-resistant windows, and most having a plan in place in case of weather emergencies. 

However, after disaster strikes, insurance companies fail to assess the actual extent of damage.
Dillon Public Insurance adjusters enter the picture to provide comprehensive inspections and provide real-life estimates of damage remediation, resulting in significantly higher claims settlements. 

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